Welcome to Tunku Putra School (TPS).

A brief look at the various sections of this website we hope demonstrates the uniqueness of educational opportunity afforded by Tunku Putra School. It embraces a number of educational strands from early years to graduating students aged seventeen plus by offering programmes of study in five separate but inter-linked organisational elements - Kindergarten, National Primary, International Primary, National Secondary and International Secondary. All are housed on one splendid campus surrounded by a typical Sarawak landscape.

Our students enjoy being taught by exceptional specialist teachers in learning environments which encourage the highest of standards irrespective of the curriculum they pursue. The youngest students flourish in a well designed and equipped Kindergarten and our graduates can expect to take away the highest levels of performance at either IGCSE or SPM. In between, students feel stretched and nurtured in equal measure and the atmosphere throughout the campus reflects an enjoyment of comradeship and fun in the structured learning environment.

However, we believe that academic success alone is not sufficient to educate our students for the uncertainties of the future. Alongside the high standards of academic learning and qualification extra and co-curricular activities are taken seriously and music, art, drama and sport all receive generous time allocation, expertise in teaching and coaching and active participation both in and out of School.

These programmes combine with the academic diet provided to produce a ‘holistic education’. This combination creates the foundations for the development of character, personal development, social skills and the basis for good citizenship and an invaluable balanced education.

Situated in Sarawak, Malaysia we encourage all students to appreciate and become involved with the community at large and thereby instill in our students the potential to become valuable citizens in whichever future society they find themselves in.

Should you require further information about the School that cannot be located on this site, please contact us via e mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If this website captures the essential flavour of the quality of Tunku Putra School perhaps you would like to come and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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